Episode 17 - May We Geek Again - Discussing The 100: What ifs, season 4 predictions, and Unity Days

January 22, 2017

It’s time to get ready for season 4. We talk “what if” scenarios, cast our predictions for season 4, and get a Unity Days recap from two special guests, CapitalChick and Bubbles0luv! Next episode: season 4, episode 1 baby!


What ifs:

  • Clarke killed Lexa in 3x03?
  • Jaha and ALIE stopped coercing everyone after Abby was chipped?
  • Wells had lived
  • Azgeda never blew up Mount Weather

Season 4 predictions

  • Past faction lines (clans versus Skaikru) break down, new factions form
  • Who’s going to die?
  • There’s a signal coming from the Ark ring!
  • Huge finale twist
  • Cage and Emerson flash back

Special interview: Unity Days overview from the lovely and hung over CapitalChick and Bubbles0luv

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