Episode 18 - May We Geek Again - Discussing The 100: “Echoes” 4×01

February 4, 2017

Season 4 is here and we are so happy to be covering each episode as they unfold! Jen, Jo, and Shahin break down the premiere and discuss themes, characters, scenes, predictions, and more. And there is drinking. Oh my god, there is drinking.


  • Overall impressions of the premiere
  • Bellamy & Clarke are back in the saddle again
  • We wonder why Skaikru takes the blame for everything
  • Echo is brought to life
  • Roan’s tenuous hold on power
  • Clarke’s admission of love for Lexa for all to hear
  • Kane and Indra’s hug!
  • Jasper and suicide
  • Shahin’s crazy theory about Jasper
  • Raven’s role in season 4

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Theme music is “Discipline” by Nine Inch Nails, used under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.



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