Episode 25 - May We Geek Again - Discussing The 100: “God Complex” 4×08

April 3, 2017

OT3 / OP3 is back, y'all! Jen, Jo and Shahin ramble on about this latest episode before the hiatus.


  • Overall episode impressions
  • 'member Jasper? 'member Indra? We 'member.
  • Drug nutz.
  • Ghost Momty's sex shaming
  • Harper's Abs
  • Niylah is "cool as shit" 100%
  • Jen calls Jo basic
  • #NotAllGrounders
  • Jen is moist about Jaha. It's weird. For everyone.
  • Shahin hates idioms
  • Jen is "consistently dumb"
  • Murphy + Clarke = goddamn!
  • Our fake Amazon store

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