Episode 22 - May We Geek Again - Discussing The 100: “The Tinder Box” 4×05

March 5, 2017

We are joined by two special guests as CapitalChick and Bubblesluv come on the pod to talk about this episode and their impressions of season 4 so far. They are smart and drunk, but mostly drunk. It’s a goat rodeo y’all.



  • Overall impressions of season 4
  • Niylah is back! And she’s Wanheda’s biggest fan
  • Why do they let Ilian wander around?
  • Riley, Riley, Riley!
  • Bellamy and Echo’s dynamic
  • Octavia’s “death” and its role in the show
  • Roan and Clarke’s problematic authoritarian rule
  • Hypersleep, nightblood, Cadogan, Second Dawn, and the mining company...easter eggs pointing towards possible future scenarios?
  • Raven and Abby’s hallucinations
  • Rocket time!
  • Shahin’s issue with “lazy sci fi”
  • The burning of Arkadia puts Grounder and Skaikru alike in a unique situtation

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