Episode 23 - May We Geek Again - Discussing The 100: “We Will Rise” 4×06

March 19, 2017

This week Jo and Shahin are joined by special guests Dannifluff and Bubblesluv to discuss “We Will Rise”.


  • Danni calls Kane "useless"...we can't remember if she apologized immediately after
  • Blake sibling feels
  • Baby floating
  • Bubs breaks down Kink!Meme filth
  • Clarke can't stop staring at Niylah's tits & Bubs pronounces it "Neeluh"
  • Stoicism vs. Hedonism
  • Shahin's license plate cosplay
  • Danni goes on about Stanley Kubrick
  • Everyone is upset about the lack of orgies
  • Religion vs. Science
  • "Everyone is stupid!"
  • Shahin "Doesn't understand road trips"
  • Bellamy is "always the bottom"
  • #1 "Friends" stan Shahin "Phoebe rocks"
  • Jo is a complete failure and forgot to make a 90s movie reference


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