Episode 29 - May We Geek Again - Discussing The 100: 4×12 and 4×13

May 30, 2017

Jen returns as our special guest for our season 4 finale podcast!

How did OT3 feel about the finale? Spoiler alert: WE LOVED IT!


  • Clarke is a dramatic ho
  • Cadogen?
  • Kane was finally an effective diplomat
  • "Gay fiving" + Jen explains wrasslin'
  • Jen compliments Jo!
  • Octavia vs. Lexa
  • "Why does everyone want to kill everyone else?" - in which Shahin has never seen the show.
  • KanibalKru + BBQ
  • Jen gives an ultimatum to Adina Porter
  • "It was fine" - Shahin on The Blakes
  • Jen likes to be "secretly homophobic"
  • Becho is endgame / Brecho is almost endgame
  • Is this show still high stakes?
  • Who is going to bang in space?
  • Shahin wants to talk Bellarke
  • Nell!Clarke and Jo's disappointment
  • WAAAAY too many minor / miner puns
  • Shahin expected Clarke to die
  • Jen has a feels spiral. It's weird.


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